The Mesofacts blog will attempt to keep its readers apprised of new developments in slowly changing information, examples of mesofacts (including visual displays of such information), and anything else Mesofacts-related.

Thanks for reading.


02/28/2010 07:40

The site looks interesting, thanks!

Any chance of a full-content feed for the entries? Currently, the RSS feed includes only excerpts.

Samuel Arbesman
02/28/2010 17:26

Thanks for asking. It seems that the RSS feed includes the entire entries, although they have been quite short posts so far, which might have been the source of the confusion.

03/02/2010 13:03

Of course these mesofacts could be about people as well. Martin Scorsese had famously never won an oscar...until he won an oscar.

Keeping abreast of the world around us and I think this blog is a fantastic idea. In the UK we have a great tv show called QI. I don't know if you are aware of it in the US, but it is designed to highlight exactly this.

I highly recommend seeing it if you have the opportunity.


03/02/2010 14:36

Josh, thanks for pointing out this show! I've taken a look at it (I had never heard of it before) and it seems like a lot of fun.

03/03/2010 07:59


1. Great idea for an educational website.

2. Wouldn't the height of Mount Everest also be a mesofact? Remember It grows some 4 millimeters every year.

3. Keep posting!

03/06/2010 09:42

Compliments, great site so far.


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